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Project of the cottage village "ISTOCHNIK"
The concept of a cottage settlement.
Pavlovskaya Sloboda, 2013


The territory of the village, with a total area of 7 hectares, is located in the western direction of the near Moscow suburbs in the Istra district, 20 km from the Moscow Ring Road along the Novorizhskoye highway. The village is located on a territory free from development with & nbsp; untouched by civilization nature, and only from the South-West borders on the club village under construction. The territory of the village and its surroundings are mostly forest and green fields.
In addition to the landscape, the project provides for the creation of an artificial reservoir with a landscaped beach, piers, children's and sports grounds. The landscaping involves winding footpaths piercing the territory and creating a feeling of openness of the village. All sites on the territory have different fences, low and sometimes hidden in a green hedge. Pedestrian paths and driveways are covered with paving stones, emphasizing the naturalness and naturalness of the surroundings.
The settlement consists of 34 plots ranging from 12 to 15 acres with three types of houses with an area of 174, 202 and 216 square meters.



Trenina Victoria

Sabirullov Alexey

Balashov Kirill

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