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Quarter "A 101", Block City

Competitive project "A101 URBAN BLOCK Competition" for a residential area "Project A101".
Moscow, 2010

Communication in one social group gives rise to the preservation of social groups. As an output, we see the possibility of mixing a variety of community by combining value typologies within one quarter. Understanding the need for preliminary isolation of different social groups, we offer division into sections with the same apartments in area and cost.


The quarter includes sections with apartments of the same size and cost. Along with this, there are sections in the quarter that combine apartments of different sizes and costs. Apartment sections are combined with blocked houses with their own separate garden. Quarters are assembled from twelve different functional blocks - multi -apartment sections, blocked houses, one -story parking lots and commercial - household space.


Such a system is designed to attract people with different income to the quarter, making the quarter the territory of different social groups. The quarter combines the constructivist composition and aesthetics of panel construction. Faced with each other, the two realities of Soviet architecture give rise to a new Russian identity.

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