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Art object and interactive installation "Capital Park"

Yekaterinburg is a model city of constructivism and avant-garde, therefore, in ideas, one involuntarily wants to follow these trends in art and architecture.
The projected Art object is located on the territory of the modern high-rise architecture of a new residential complex, so the image of a futuristic city by Ya. Chernikhov is ideally suited to its image. Linear graphics, upward striving, dynamic perspective, large scale are the attributes of the image of a futuristic city.

Also in the work I wanted to display the name of the residential complex "Capital Park" - an object in which several different buildings are collected at once, each of which bears the name of the world capital. In accordance with the number of residential buildings of the complex and their names in honor of world capitals, the art object uses 11 "towers" of different heights and diameters, which correspond to
towers of the complex. These "capital towers" are made of sky-high neon rings and are interactive representations of various interesting facts about world capitals.

Using the control panel, located in the center of the entire composition, each person can view statistical information about cities, which is displayed directly on the towers in the form of a neon glow and is a diagram of comparison of all capitals with each other.

(The names of the capitals are chosen arbitrarily, as an example, and in the subsequent study they can be changed to others that correspond to the names of residential buildings).


The work of Ya. Chernikhov


You can compare any statistical information that is available in open data, for example:


- and any other data that can be objectively found in the public domain and uploaded to the program of the art object. At the same time, you can update the data or add new positions all the time.

Interactivity lies in the fact that each person can approach the installed stand with a touch panel and turn on the information about the capitals that interests him. This information is immediately displayed not only on the screen of the stand, but also on the “capital towers” themselves in the form of luminous neon rings, which together represent a comparative diagram with
data. Quantitative data is directly displayed using luminous rings: the smaller the number of data, the fewer rings are lit on the “capital tower”.

Thus, visually presenting data about cities, the “towers-capitals” are at the same time the lighting of the square and the installation in the public space. The lighting changes depending on what data the towers are currently showing and how big that data is relative to other cities.

At the same time, you can compare Yekaterinburg with other capitals of the world, or simply find out different data about it on the screen.

For this, in addition to creating the physical form of an art object, it will be necessary to involve specialists in the field of programming. It will be necessary to write an application into which statistical data about the capitals will be loaded. And develop an interface that will be displayed on an interactive touch screen.


Another mode of operation of the object is the ability to use
use it as an equalizer for music. Can be connected
connect via bluetooth to the object, and the lighting will change according to
the beat of the music on the user's phone.


In addition to this option, you can make it possible to customize
the amount of lighting for each individual tower. Just bad-
twist or add quantity on your smartphone by connecting
to a tower with a certain name of the capital. So each said
the meika under the tower has a personal adjustment in strength


Another mode of operation of the object is the “light fountain”, they
sinking the real
Vertical streams of water.

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