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Photo-study of Moscow architecture "Moscow Collages"

Moscow, as you know, is a city of diverse architectural styles, in which this diversity has no pronounced boundaries, and therefore sometimes provides a layering of one on top of the other, which surprises and pleases. We will try to capture such visual layers of different styles, textures, colors and meanings of Moscow.

1. Combination of textures: a perfectly white surface of a private (a new clean limousine on the road) and a dirty layering of cheap gray paint on a public city (lantern on the sidewalk) (location: Bolshoi Moskvoretsky Bridge)

2. An interesting combination of an old residential building and the Temple in perspective. This collage is inevitable, because it appears to every passer-by along a narrow sidewalk, fenced off on one side and a roadway on the other. (place: Bolshaya Serpukhovskaya street)

3. A collage of the real Kremlin wall and the restoration screen drawn above, which gives the whole composition an unnatural look. (place: Red Square)

4. Physical collage: layering two sidewalks on top of each other. (place: Red Square)

5. Another inevitable angle, in which the ruined building without a roof clearly replaces the architecture of the Temple. (place: Bolshoi Moskvoretsky Bridge)

6. A funny layering of intercoms on one of the walls in the center of Moscow. A ubiquitous sign of fencing and the seizure of the territory in the property. (place: Podkopayevsky per.)

7. Evening lighting makes different textures and shades look the same. The tower of the office building on Paveletskaya "stands" on an old residential building. (place: B. Pionerskaya st.)

8. The same tower, but with an overlay on the building of the Soviet period. Luzhkov's dream

9. Quite a common occurrence - the estate in the middle of a typical building in the center of Moscow.

10. The Cathedral of Christ the Savior completed the composition of the panel house. (place: view from Bolshoi Moskvoretsky Bridge)

11. A facade was left at the demolished house, behind which a neighboring house is visible. (place: Bolshaya Serpukhovskaya street)

12. There are a great many such angles in any city. Nevertheless, we publish an example of "neighborhood" in Moscow.

13. A well-known example on Pokrovka is the Temple against the backdrop of Soviet buildings.

14. Secret house on Bolshaya Ordynka

15. Exterior detail - a vivid example of a collage)

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