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The project of a residential quarter "B". Kazan.
The project of a residential area in the center of Kazan.
Based on the concept of H. Assebillo (AUS)
Kazan, 2009


The first stage - the concept of building up the quarter was made under the guidance of the Spanish architect J. Acebillo (AUS group) together with Millennium Zilant City. The territory of "Quarter B" is an experimental site of the city, where it is planned to create a modern combined development (housing, public spaces, hotel and office buildings and centers).


The new infrastructure includes the correction of the road network and the creation of an underground parking system that meets modern urban conditions. Metro stations are located on both sides of the quarter, which, coupled with proximity to the main highways of the city, makes the area highly accessible for transport. The central link of the project is a complex of four high-rise buildings designed in the form of a gate to the historical center of the city.


In addition to housing, infrastructure is provided here - a kindergarten, shops, cafes, banks, pharmacies, green squares, a walking boulevard, a hotel, a business center, an exhibition hall, an art workshop. The quarter is a significant economic and cultural center of the region, an important transport hub and a communications center.

Public spaces are carefully thought out: comfortable recreational areas, green squares. Attention is paid to the unique style of details: lighting, road paving, landscaping, small architectural forms, unusual house facades.


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