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Pavilion "School March" for Park Museon

Competitive project of the Pavilion "School Marsh" for Park Museon
Moscow, 2012

(The work was awarded the jury and entered the finalists Short-List.) The pavilion was designed for various workshops, conferences, master classes. In their free time from public events, it is proposed to use the pavilion as such a new developing phenomenon in Russia as co-Vorking. The configuration of the pavilion allows you to easily create both a general open space and several isolated rooms in which each person or group can rent a workplace for himself in the daytime. To do this, the pavilion is equipped with a wardrobe, kitchen cafe, a bio-tuttle, and is also equipped with air conditioning operating from sunny batteries on the roof, which is quite feasible in Russian conditions (it is necessary for about 2 kW for air conditioning).


The technical room for storage of furniture is located at the entrance. Each “cell” of the pavilion can serve both for co-vorking and general open events thanks to light partitions inside the room. The scene for performances or presentations can be located both in the center of the pavilion and in one of the "cells" - depending on the scale of the event. Each cell is approximately 17 sq.m., and in conjunction - no more than 100 sq.m.

The windows of each working cell are oriented in different directions - to the park, and provide each workplace with sufficient amounts of light. The central part of the pavilion is illuminated from above.


The design of the pavilion involves a wooden frame, the walls are compressed straw blocks impregnated with a rushed containing clay. Blocks of straw 600 mm wide are enclosing structures and at the same time insulation. Clay impregnation does not allow straw to wet, crumble. Using straw can significantly save on the insulation.

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