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The project of planning the territory of the district "Lugovoy"
The project of planning the territory and land surveying of the "Lugovoy" area. 
Orda, 2013
In the Perm Territory, we got a green field as a canvas. We worked on a planning and land surveying project for the Lugovoy microdistrict, the youngest planning element in the village of Orda, which is the administrative, financial and cultural center of the Ordinsky municipal district of the Perm Territory.
"Lugovoy" is spread out in a picturesque area, on a territory occupied by azure-green fields overgrown with upland grasses, from which it got its name. There were no any types of buildings within the microdistrict, the site was used for grazing and haymaking. During the design process, it was important for us to preserve the purity of the springs of such an attractive place to live.
The ProfGeoProject LLC, in accordance with the wishes of the Administration and the current general plan of the village of Orda, had to place residential buildings on the territory targeted at various groups of the population and form a service system.
Our long-term vision prompted us to make a decision that takes into account all the advantages of the site being designed, such as softness of the terrain, the absence of planning restrictions, and a favorable climate for construction. At the same time, one had to take into account the complex geological conditions of the territory under consideration: the microdistrict is located in the zone of karst formation processes.
For "Lugovoy" we created a surprisingly clean, concise and geometrically rigorous project (territory planning project), decided in conjunction with the existing planning organization of the entire village. We have achieved:
§  increasing the efficiency of the use of the territory;
§  strengthening the environmental sustainability of the microdistrict through the formation of a system of boulevards - a kind of "green outlet" in the absence of natural forests and hydrographic objects on the territory;
§  solution of acute social problems: the project provides for the placement of residential buildings intended for low-income groups of the population.
All decisions made fully meet the requirements of modern Russian and regional urban planning legislation.
In our projects, the environmental component is very important to us. All our engineers and architects are aware of the possible negative impacts on the environment. We approach projects in an environmentally responsible manner, developing a unique set of measures to improve the quality of natural fabric in each of them.
For "Lugovoy" we proposed a multifaceted set of measures to protect groundwater and soil, atmospheric air, organize sanitary cleaning of the territory, aimed at protecting the environment.
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