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Media library project "BOOKWALL"
Media library «BOOK-WALL». 
Competition project for DIA 2005
Moscow, 2005.


This project is a solution to the problem of empty facades of standard residential buildings and the use of their surface to create a media library. The wall of the building becomes a "bookcase" in full length and width of the facade. The bookshelves and the reading room are arranged parallel to each other and represent two vertical spaces. These spaces  connected to each other by flights of stairs and vertical lifts.

The project provides for the use of communications at home.

Residents of the adjacent section can have access from the floor directly to the media library.

Mediateka is a cafe where you can have breakfast and read the press

                  is an internet center

                  is a multimedia center

                  is a library. The filter is a wall through which all flows entering the house -

                    information.   Going home, you can grab a couple of books ...

The facade of the media library is fully glazed, and at night it is like a big light bulb for people - moths who like to read at night.

This library makes beautiful not only human minds, but also the nondescript facades of our city.


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