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The project of reconstruction of the airport "TEMPELHOF" in Berlin
Architecture competition "Zeppelinstation". Project zeppelin - station "BERLIN". 3rd place.
Moscow, 2008


The main objective of the project is the reorganization of the existing airport and the creation of a ZEPPELIN station and an exhibition pavilion dedicated to Russian culture on its territory.
The main idea of the project is the creation of a new complex of structures in such a way that it is not a separate building on the territory of the airport, but plays the role of a necessary addition that “gives life” to the existing building.

The project is a metal structure located above the existing building on its own supports and consisting of two blocks:
1. Exhibition space + pavilion for passengers.
Due to their location high above the city, these spaces acquire the functions of a "ferris wheel" and are observation platforms.


2. ZEPPELIN - the station, which is an open structure in the form of a hangar with glazed walkways and platforms for passengers.

There are 2 options for a person to enter the territory of the station:
1. Through the existing airport building by elevator to the built-on block (hall), from which you can get to the platform or to any floor of the exhibition pavilion.

2. On the escalator, immediately to the built-in block (hall) of the station.


The main construction material is a metal frame covered with a metal mesh; glass. Despite the size, the design looks transparent, light and does not block sunlight.
The location of the station structure is very advantageous, because located on the same line with the existing airport building, along a busy highway. Thus, it is an integral and well-visible part of the facade from all directions and at the same time an independent public large-scale structure.

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