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Art object "Valdai Lakes"

"Valdai" in the translation  from Fino-Ugric "living water" 

The glacial lakes of Borovno, Valdaiskoye, Uzhin, Velye and Seliger are rightly called the pearls of the Central Russian zone.

The territory is characterized by a large number of lakes (76) of various sizes and shapes. They are mostly of glacial origin with elevated shores, indented coastline, uneven bottom topography, pits and islands. Some lakes have a pronounced process of modern swamping.


There are lakes with inherited basins (Lake Valdai). The depth of lakes does not depend on their size. Often small lakes have a significant (8-10 m) depth, and large ones - Nakhodno, Dorishche (2-2.5 m) - are shallow. Lake levels depend solely on the amount of precipitation. There are lakes of karst origin - Gorodno, Streglino, the water regime of which differs from ordinary lakes.

The bottom soils of the lakes are diverse: rocky, sandy, clean or with an admixture of silt, pebble with an admixture of sand, some with sapropel.

The total area of the water surface of the lakes is 14704.5 ha.


The idea of the art object is to create a pond in the form of infographics, in which all Valdai lakes are shown on a scale relative to each other, have different bottom depths, as well as bottom coverage. Such an art object will serve as a visual presentation of the Valdai lakes for visitors, and provide basic information about each lake in an interesting way - at the bottom of each conditional "reservoir" is the name and basic data about the lake - size, depth, inhabitants, bottom cover.
Each pond is surrounded by coniferous, deciduous or mixed trees, as it is in reality.

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