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The concept of the microdistrict in Mytishchi
Analysis of the territory for the construction of a residential microdistrict.
Settlement "Cherkizovo" Pushkinsky district, 2013


Total plot area: 20 hectares
Estimated population of the village: 2,500 people
Including: 375 schoolchildren, 250 preschool children. age.

Territory for residential development: 114,923 sq.m. (11.5 ha):
Building density ratio: 40% - 45,962 sq.m.
Floors: 3rd floor
Estimated total living area: 103,400 sq.m.


Infrastructure building area: 40,717 sq.m., including:
School site area: 7,800 sq.m.
Plot area of the Kindergarten: 18,750 sq.m.
Land area of the Sports and Recreation Complex: 2,000 - 5,000 sq.m.
Plot area of the outpatient clinic: 5,000 sq.m.
Grocery store plot area: 400 sq.m.
Non-food store plot area: 200 sq.m.


Infrastructure, minimum area for 2,500 people:
Sports and fitness complex: 750 sq.m.
Outpatient clinics: 125 sq.m.
Pharmacy kiosk: 25 sq.m.
Grocery stores: 400 sq.m.
Non-food stores: 200 sq.m.
Post office: 1 facility
Sberbank branch: 100 sq.m.
Strong point of law enforcement: 1 object
Center of Administrative Self-Government: 1 object


Number of parking lots: 900 m.m. (12 600 sq.m.)


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