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Project of the ART-block "SOHO"
Project led by the studio of Grineva L. “Design Philosophy”
Revitilization of a non-residential area near the embankment of the Yauza River.
Moscow, 2011

The location of the art quarter is Serebryannicheskaya embankment. The lower level is a public space without barriers and fences. A dynamic urban environment is being created, where artists, students, art parties, townspeople and residents of the area interact.

Planned features:

1. art education,

2. center of children's creativity,

3. international center for study grants,

4. European style market with regular events,

5. modular structure of the lower floors of the block for rent,

6. Preferential rent for the art community for 25% of all rental space,

7. studio rental for artists,

8. art galleries

9 city market

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