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The concept of the microdistrict "European Quarter" in Dubna
Neighborhood "European Quarter" in Dubna. For the workshop of Grineva L. “Philosophy of design“ and "State Development"
Area: 8 hectares
Dubna, 2010


The territory of 8 hectares is located along the right bank of the Volga in the city of Dubna. The main objective of the project is to locate in this area a mixed type of housing, consisting of townhouses with a maximum height of 3 floors + attic, as well as detached single-family houses of 1 - 2 floors. The area of apartments in townhouses is from 35 to 100 sq.m. The area of private houses - 250 sq.m.

The project provides for the development of infrastructure on the territory of the village: shops, playgrounds, as well as technical zones - treatment facilities, services, etc.  


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