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The concept of tourist development of the territory of the village "CHISTOE" and the biostation "CHISTY LES" in the Tver region 
The project of revival and preservation of the village "Chistoe"
Toropetsky district, Tver region, 2008

The history and location of the village indicates its belonging to the historical and cultural  center. Now on the territory of the village there are several buildings of the 17th-19th centuries, for example, the Ilyinsky Church of 1720. The territory has tourist potential and has prospects for development as a historical, architectural and natural open-air museum-reserve.


The idea of the project is the creation on the territory of the village of  historical and architectural ethnographic

museum-reserve "Chistoe".  The inhabitants of "CLEAN" are united by the idea of reviving the traditional  architecture, folk crafts, folklore.

It is proposed to conditionally divide the entire territory of Chistye into four zones: & nbsp;

historical and architectural zone, cultural and festival zone, craft zone, residential zone.

HISTORICAL AND ARCHITECTURAL ZONE - planned as the main cultural and social center. This is a group of unique buildings in the same traditional architectural style of a log house of the 17th-19th centuries.

On the territory of this zone, an "Eco Trail" is planned - a fascinating, educational path that passes through all the attractions of the museum, including: a restored church of the 18th century. and a school, a restored manor of the 19th century, a stable, a smithy, a pottery.


"CLEAN"  -  this is an alternative to the brick fences of cottage settlements, an example of how you can

                        &n bsp;   rescue and preserve the landscape from being destroyed by commercial construction.

"CLEAN"  -  it is an alternative to the mass recreation industry.  

"CLEAN"  -  this is an opportunity for scientific, educational and environmental activities.

"CLEAN"  -  it is the preservation of the heritage and living folk tradition in the context of modern life.


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