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The project of a low-rise residential village at the agro-industrial cluster
Pre-project proposals for a low-rise housing development in the light of the socio-economic development of the Shakhovskaya municipal district. 
Moscow region, 2013

A plot of 16.8 hectares at the fork of the Novorizhskoe highway and the P90 highway near the village. Sudislovo.


The goal of the project is to improve the living conditions of servicemen who are going to the reserve, migrants from the regions of the Far North and from dilapidated housing, as well as young families. At the same time, new jobs are expected to be created, including:

- in the agricultural sector;

- greenhouse farming and processing of agricultural products;

- in the production of building materials and structures, construction;

- on transport.


In accordance with the planned zoning of the territory, this site is divided into four functional zones:


1. Residential zone - an area along the P90 highway with an area of 7.6 hectares (approximately) on which residential buildings, social and cultural facilities, parking lots for personal vehicles and guests are located. Residential buildings are assembled from typical 4-storey sections with attic and basement floors. Apartments - one-, two- and three-room apartments with the possibility of combining adjacent apartments into 4 and five-room apartments. the apartments are provided with parking spaces in the immediate vicinity of the place of residence. The main entrances to the territory of the residential area are carried out from the side of the P90 highway.


2. The public zone with an area of 0.75 ha is located along the Novorizhskoe highway at the intersection with the P90 highway. In the public area there are institutions for servicing local residents and drivers of passing vehicles: - a public center with a shop and a cafe, - a sports and recreation complex, - an administrative building with a bank branch, a post office, a first-aid post, - a hotel for 50 people with a restaurant. Novorizhskoe highway and from the residential area.


3. Vehicle maintenance and repair zone - the territory between the southern border of the site along the Novorizhskoye highway and the security zone of the power line 30kva. with an area of approx. heavy vehicles. The total area of buildings and structures - 1800m2


4. Production zone - an area in the northwestern part with an area of 4.5 hectares, intended for the construction of a greenhouse facility and technical infrastructure. The total area of greenhouses for growing vegetables, tomatoes, herbs, etc. will be 24 thousand m2. Nearby is an administrative building with an area of 1050m2, a boiler room, and a treatment plant.


The project is designed to be implemented over four years.



Trenina Victoria

Sabirullov Alexey

Balashov Kirill

Naydenov Alexander

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