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The project of a low-rise residential building "RED HOUSE
The project of a low-rise residential building made of bricks. 
Moscow 2013

A two-section residential building of variable height is designed as an inexpensive, but comfortable and aesthetic suburban housing. The first section has 4 full floors, and the apartments on the 4th floor are 2-level and have internal stairs leading to the mezzanine floor. The second section has 4 floors, on which there are 16 one-level apartments.

Apartments in the house are 1-2-x-3-room, small in area (from 46.7 to 71.5 sq.m.), having a convenient layout. 3-room duplex apartments have an area of 74.2 sq.m. up to 81.3 sq.m. The largest apartment in the house is a two-level 4-room apartment with an area of 96.4 sq.m. In total, there are 32 apartments in two sections with a total area of 1800 sq.m. elevators. In the entrances from the rear entrance there are wheelchair and garbage chambers.


The goal of the project is to create a residential building that combines all the advantages of urban and suburban housing. Convenience and comfort of "urban life" with environmental friendliness of "country life". We did not want to make a typical city house and put it in the landscape. Therefore, pitched roofs appeared in the house, referring to the image of cottage development, familiar to country life. Panoramic floor-to-ceiling windows, which are not always appropriate in an urban environment, here open views of the landscape and let nature into the apartments. In the interior of the apartments and public spaces, brickwork is shown, which harmoniously fits into the idea of the project.



Trenina Victoria

Sabirullov Alexey

Balashov Kirill

Naydenov Alexander

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