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Competitive project of the park "Zaryadye"
Competitive project for the development of the concept of the park on the site of the demolished hotel "Russia"
"People's Choice Award"
Moscow, 2012


The park is bounded from the south by the river, and from the north by vehicular traffic along the street. Varvarka, therefore, is not a passable territory and is currently difficult to access for pedestrians. To solve this problem, we propose to reorganize the street. Varvarka into the pedestrian zone and carry out tram traffic along it. This is more favorable for the existing temples and for the attendance of the park. Instead of a motor road, we can organize an entrance to the parking lot, which is buried by 2 floors, and exit from the other side - from the B. Kamenny Bridge. Thus, by making st. Varvarka Pedestrian, we will connect Red Square, Kitay-gorod and Vasilyevsky Spusk with the park as a single pedestrian area.


In order for the park to be always visited and be at the center of social turbulent events, it is necessary to fill it with social and cultural functions, such as a museum, art galleries, cafes, a small concert venue and other "chamber" events in summer and winter. This way we will be able to provide the park with a continuous life and be sure of its year-round visiting.

We deliberately distributed these functions throughout the entire park so that, firstly, they do not interfere with each other (for example, a concert venue and a museum), and secondly, they involve the entire territory of the park. Cafes, galleries, a museum are concentrated along the alleys throughout the journey.

The idea of the park is to return the configuration of the old streets of Zaryadye as historical and most suitable for the preserved churches, to use them as park alleys. This can be reflected in the pavement of the paths - the names of the streets, laid out from the tiles.


The relief has a natural drop, which we turn into terraces lowering relative to each other. And thanks to these terraces and the streets between them, the infrastructure either gradually grows out of the relief, or again merges with nature. Visitors to the park have the opportunity to walk along the streets, along the various infrastructure, and in the park formed by terraces. The connection of the terraces with the main paths is carried out with the help of ramps and stairs.

From the point of view of visual perception, the terrace system allows us to see from the side of the street. Varvarki only green lawns and trees of the park up to the bank of the Moscow River, and from the side of the river do not obstruct the view of the surviving churches. A slight elevation of the park relative to the highway on the embankment when viewed from the street. Varvarki gives us the effect of a natural landscaped river bank, hiding the road, and also forms a kind of sound barrier.


The museum is located in the stylobate next to the temples.


Using the existing foundation, we can create a small artificial pond that can serve as a skating rink in the winter. He will  be a good "magnet" to attract people in the winter.

The park provides bicycle paths, as well as bike and roller rentals.

At the intersections of Zaryadye streets, small squares have been organized where a skate park, a pond/skating rink can be located, and at the corners of the stylobate there are viewing platforms for photographing used by tourists and newlyweds during weddings.


The concert venue for 100-150 people can be used both open in summer and closed underground. The transformation is done by opening glass partitions and simply reorienting the scene.


Part of the foundation of the Rossiya Hotel is used for the construction of underground parking, as well as social functions. Parking on 2 floors has a stepped arrangement due to terraces.


On the border of the territory of the park with Kitaygorodsky passage, a small hotel no more than 3 floors is supposed.


Park attendance can also be increased by “inclusion” of the park in the river route. The connection between the park and the embankment is carried out by an underground passage under the highway.


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