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The project of a low-rise residential building in the residential complex "European quarter"
The project of a low-rise residential building made of bricks in the residential complex "European Quarter". 
For the workshop "Philosophy of Design" and "State Development"
Dubna, 2010

4-storey residential apartment building.

Total area of the house: 2340 sq.m.

Total area of apartments: 2120 sq.m.


The house is designed taking into account its use, both in the urban environment and outside the city. In the first version, 4 dominant volumes are made in different colors, which creates an interesting facade solution and a memorable image. Residential development from such houses will create an interesting living environment for a modern person who increasingly chooses comfortable and inexpensive housing. In the second version, we applied a more relaxed facade solution, making 4 volumes of red brick, and 3-storey connecting elements of brown brick. An interesting feature of the planning structure is a two-way entrance, through which issues of safety and comfort of life are solved. One exit leads to the street, from which transport access is carried out, and the second exit leads to a landscaped courtyard with playgrounds, which is not accessible to cars. The house uses flat roofs used as exploitable terraces with exits from the apartments on the 4th floor.


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Trenina Victoria

Sabirullov Alexey

Workshop "Philosophy of Design"

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