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The project of redevelopment of the former optics factory "Caliber" in the Technopark

The territory of JSC "Caliber" is located in the Ostankino district
North-East Administrative District of Moscow in close proximity to the main
highways and metro station Alekseevskaya.
Distance from the Third Ring Road - 1.1 km., from the metro station. Alekseevskaya 300 m.
"Technopark Kalibr" is planned to be located on land
sections 77:02:0022014:3537 and 77:02:0022014:3534 included in
becoming a property complex of JSC Caliber.

Address point: Moscow, st. Godovikova, vl.9, p.1; 4; 6; 7;
14; 18; 21; 26, 29
Cadastral number: 77:02:0022014:3537
Area: 90,612 sq.m.
Cadastral number: 77:02:0022014:3534
Area: 294 sq.m.


General plan of Moscow until 2025
The scheme of the boundaries of functional zones


Preparation of the project for planning the territory of the industrial zone
# 14-1 within the boundaries of the production zone "Caliber".
functional zoning.


Upon approval of the planning project, the functional zones of the territories adjacent to Caliber will be changed to a zone of residential microdistricts. Residential areas are separated from the production area by a strip of natural and green areas, as well as a planned street and road network.
From the side of Godovikova street, a public zone is planned.
Thus: 1) The planning project provides for a significant reduction
niye of the territory of the industrial zone "Caliber", tk. there is an additional street and road network passing through the site, and a public zone.
2) Thanks to the redevelopment of the adjacent industrial zone, comfortable
difficult conditions due to the lack of nearby industrial facilities that can have a negative impact on the image of the territory.
The residential area is separated from the territory of OJSC "Caliber" by a park area, which will
lives as an additional attraction for Technopark users. The appearance of a public area along Godovikova Street will provide a large flow of visitors to the Technopark with the necessary commercial infrastructure: shops, cafes, hotels, supermarkets, etc. This can remove the responsibility from the site for the Technopark to provide this infrastructure and use most of the available resource for the necessary office space.

Existing use of the territory of OAO Kalibr and surrounding areas


Territory Development in Spatial Planning Documents


Territory Development in Spatial Planning Documents


The planning project provides for a new road connecting the street. Godovikov and Murmansky pr-d. It passes through the territory and divides it into 2 sections, which may complicate the connectivity of these sections of the future Technopark and the security system.
The design project also provides for an open passage from the street. Kalibskaya to Godovikov St., while making it possible to enter the territory from the planned passage.
On the one hand, this is a plus for the territory, because it increases its accessibility from different streets, and the "permeability" of the site for pedestrians. On the other hand, this entails the need to organize an additional checkpoint and enter the territory (in case the Technopark site is located behind a fence).
Also, thanks to the appearance of additional entrances and checkpoints, it becomes possible to separate the flows of vehicles and pedestrians that are sent to the Technopark from the rest of the flows on the territory of OJSC Kalibr.
It should be noted that the planned "red lines" of the UDS pass through the Technopark site and "cut off" part of building 1 and building 4.
Conclusion: we recommend making changes to the APT being developed - to correct the "red lines" of the UDS and carry them out without prejudice to the existing. buildings.

Scheme & nbsp; of the accessibility of the territory by car


The main entrance to the territory is provided at the moment from Godovikova street.
From st. Murmansky pr-d, st. Kalibrovskaya and from Godovikova street there are fire entrances.
Entrances to the territory are conveniently carried out both from the side of the existing checkpoint - st. Godovikov, and - in the case of the implementation of the planning project - from the side of Murmansky passage and Kalibrovskaya street.


Scheme of accessibility of the territory by public transport

JSC "Caliber" is located in close proximity to the metro station Alekseevskaya.
Distance from the metro station Alekseevskaya 300 m. (less than 10 min.)
Distance from the platform of the railway station "Rizhskaya" 1000 m. (15 min.)
A large number of public transport stops are concentrated near the territory - trolleybuses, buses and fixed-route taxis.
On st. Godovikov there are stops only for a fixed-route taxi. But the planning project provides for additional public transport stops, so in the future the availability of the territory for public transport
will increase. This fits well with the actively implemented plans of the Moscow government to increase the importance of public transport in the city.


Photofixation of the territory

On the territory of JSC "Caliber" part of the communications was carried out by an external method, above the ground at a distance of 4-5 meters. In the existing design, these communications
look unattractive and are negative
factor for the environment and landscaping.
With an economical reconstruction, it is worth keeping their above-ground
ny, but bring them to the maximum possible (taking into account
volume norms) aesthetic appearance. Moreover, it can be converted
to form an individual line of the territory with the help of
art objects (see analogues in Appendix 1).
Public spaces require renovation and
modern improvement, in order to "dilute" the spirit of co-
the old atmosphere of the former factory - change the road
coatings, implement an additional modern lake-
lening, add small architectural forms and lighting
territory, as well as design navigation for
transport and pedestrians.
The principle of organizing the alley and some elements and
sculptures can be preserved as a historical value and
territory identity. In any case, the final
the solution requires a conceptual study of a comprehensive
th improvement.


Existing functional zoning of the territory


The area of the buildings of the Technopark
takes a little more than 25% of the flat
spare all buildings on the territory of JSC
"Caliber". Almost all buildings
of the planned Technopark
finished in the southern part of the site
and are used as storage
dov. This function should be kept
thread only for those buildings that
not suitable for rental
residents of the Technopark. Under such
definition fall those of them
which are not equipped with communications
cations or not provided with natural
natural lighting.
Integrity is considered
th complex of buildings is violated
technical facilities,
which are scattered throughout
territory. The transformer substation is located
is located right in the center of the site (26), and the boiler room (6)
separates building 7 from the rest of the complex.
Consider transferring technical
structures should in the event of an increase in load
on the network, i.e. for new construction, additional
Between buildings 1 and 4, a public
new space, which, if possible, is necessary
preserve and reconstruct as a historical
value and functional recreation area
for Technopark residents.


When taking into account the developed planning project
additional entrances and entrances to the territory of the or-
are organized from the planned passage. Their number
The property will be determined by the project.
Traffic between the buildings of the Technopar-
ka should be limited to make public
spaces more comfortable to stay and
communication between residents. (see next slide).

Scheme of the transport and pedestrian network on the territory of OAO Kalibr, taking into account the planning project


With functional zoning of buildings
should take into account places of active use
of public areas,
popular routes and advantageous views
Buildings located on the line of activity,
are buildings 1 and 4 facing inward
square and towards the buildings of the business center
OAO Caliber. In the future, when designing
it should be taken into account that in these places it is more profitable
to concentrate public functions
The dividing zone between the buildings is
existing business center and buildings will be
the current Technopark is a public
space and transport-pedestrian street.
On the territory of the planned Technopark,
a greater share of public
spaces of Caliber OJSC, which contains
also at the moment a large number of auto-
parking lots. Therefore, it makes sense to develop all
territory in a single complex.


Enumeration of engineering systems:
- cold water
- Electricity
- Grease trap
- Sewerage (domestic and storm water)
- Gas
- Dispatching, telephony
- Heating
The accumulation of engineering communications is concentrated
but mostly in the central part of the territory. At
analysis of potential areas for compaction
development should take into account the density of the accumulation
engineering communications. There is such a place along
southwestern boundary of the site, but the project is planned
ki involves the construction of a car in this place
mobile travel.
Another place free from engineering networks is
walks on the site of the location of buildings 29, 35, 32
and 33, as well as near building 6.
These areas, more or less free from engineering
networks are shown as potential in the "Scheme of
potential development of the territory"

Scheme of engineering support of the territory

Photofixation of existing buildings


The number of storeys of most buildings in the territory is not
exceeds 1-2 floors. An exception is the angle
a new extension to building 1, which occupies 5 floors.
The average height of buildings is 6-9 meters. In me-
the height of the location of the light lamps was increased
chivaetsya up to 9-13 meters or more.
Variable number of storeys allows you to organize an
tresol inside these rooms, which can increase
Decrease the usable area up to 30% of the floor area.
High ceilings are an advantage of buildings.

Scheme of the existing number of storeys of the building


Buildings have different types of natural light
niya (see legend). Mainly
this is lighting through the upper glazing of light
"lanterns". The most illuminated rooms are
in building 4, as they are provided with side lighting
at the same time as the overhead lights.
There is no shading from neighboring buildings due to non-
high altitude environment.
Top lights are unique
and may constitute the identity of the Technopark, which is
is an advantage for architectural value

Scheme of natural illumination of premises

Scheme of the existing number of storeys of the building


Area of additional possible mezzanines
is approximately 8,000 - 10,000 sq.m. This
approximately 27% - 30% of the existing area.
The diagrams show options for placing an


Analogue of reconstruction with the addition of mezzanines


Existing functional zoning of buildings



Advantages: Buildings are provided with all necessary engineering
neural infrastructure. This is suitable for a scenario where
area does not increase or does not increase by much.
In the case of choosing the option when the buildings are demolished and on their
new construction is being carried out, it is necessary to take into account
predict the future load on the networks and the possibilities of the city of their
The space of buildings and its illumination by upper windows is pre-
is of architectural value.
Problems: There are problems with the tightness of the blood
whether in some places.
There is rust on the structures.
There are examples of poorly mounted double-glazed windows
Comrade in the "lanterns".
In the basement floor, structural reinforcements have already been made.
tions, but a re-examination of the entire building is required. WHO-
possible, the survey will show that the building is unfit for use
due to high wear of the foundation.
Priority measures for reconstruction:
Comprehensive survey of the building structure.
The reconstruction will require, first of all, partial
reinforcement of structures, additional insulation of buildings and
reorganization of sanitary zones and all engineering networks
in accordance with the assignment for the Technopark.


Scheme of potential development of the territory

TEPs of existing and potential areas


This slide is a continuation of the previous one and
describes the maximum possibilities of the territory
in terms of increasing usable area to the existing
In the analysis of the maximum allowable areas
considered a not yet approved draft plan
roving, in which the allowable density
buildings reach 34 thousand sq. m./ha, taking into account the existing
existing areas.
That is, to the existing area of 32,862 sq.m. We
we can add up to 9000 sq.m. mezzanines (in the pre-
lah of the internal contour of buildings), as well as to increase
density due to new construction in 267 191
sq.m. area.
Ways to increase these areas are shown yes-
more in 3 scenarios of possible development of the territory
rii. They are conditionally divided into:
1. "Overhaul" when reconstructed
existing buildings and areas added to them
new mezzanines.
2. "Major overhaul" + new construction,
when the repaired buildings are added
area of new construction on the site.
3. "New construction" when all buildings are demolished
and in their place new ones are being built with more efficiency
building density indicators.


The scenario for the development of the territory, in which
existing buildings are preserved and subject to capital
repair, and the increase in area is carried out by
Xia due to built-in mezzanines.

Pros: relatively small investments relative to
for new construction; short terms of real-
zations; no need to add parking spaces;

Minuses: low efficiency of buildings in terms of density
usable areas.

Territory Development Scenario No. 1: Overhaul

Territory Development Scenario No. 1: TEPs


Territory development scenario No. 2: overhaul + new construction


The scenario for the development of the territory, in which
existing buildings are preserved and subject to capital
repair, and the increase in area is carried out by
due to new construction on the site occupied
low-quality buildings and engineering
guns. The scenario takes into account the Planning Project,
but it is proposed to shift the red lines of the highway
5 meters from the existing building. Thereby,
the road will pass between the existing and new buildings
From the side of building 1, it is also necessary to shift
projected UDS from the building.
Parking on the square between buildings 1 and 4
proposed to be removed. The area must be walkable
walkable public space.
Technical buildings are being demolished.
New buildings are built taking into account the built-in tech. co-

Pros: optimal for filling the Technopark
square; short terms of implementation; parking
places need to be added only for new construction

Minuses:unfavorable conditions for residents,
which are in noun. building No. 4 associated with
new construction of buildings in the neighborhood.

Territory Development Scenario No. 3: New Construction


The scenario for the development of the territory, in which
existing buildings are subject to demolition, and the site is built up
is being built by a new complex of buildings.

Scenario uses maximum potential
plot and extracts the greatest amount of
forest areas.

Pros: high area efficiency, high
building density;

Minuses: large financial investments relative to
telno reconstruction; difficulties with accommodation
parking lots; long terms of implementation; costs for
demolition buildings; additional network loads;

A variant of the reconstruction of communications (on the example of Berlin)


Analogues of facades and interiors of technopolises

The project of redevelopment of the former optics plant "Caliber" under the Technopark
As part of the work for the Novaya Zemlya company
Moscow, 2016
Trenina Victoria
Sabirullov Alexey




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