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Landscape design of Mira Avenue in Kaliningrad

Our workshop "DOMUM" together with the team of TO "UTRO" had the honor to develop an architectural and urban planning concept for the improvement of Prospekt Mira / Khuffen Alley in Kaliningrad! The project, 3 km long, includes: the development of building facades, the improvement of the pedestrian part of the street and public spaces overlooking it, the development of a proposal for public and cycling transport!

For two months of fruitful work, we explored the street and all the neighborhoods adjacent to it with a rich history from the era of Keninsberg to the present day. We met and involved in the project caring and very active residents of Kaliningrad. For joint work, we conducted various studies, on the basis of which we will develop a concept of improvement.

- Many thanks for the right immersion in the city and for organizing such a large-scale project to Vyacheslav Genna, Anna Piskorskaya, Andrey Anisimov (Administration of Kaliningrad)

- Thanks to Max Preuss, director of the Pictorica design bureau and owner of a rare photo archive, an incredibly beautiful historical reference has been compiled, in the past Hufen Alley, and today Mira Avenue.

- Thanks to Alexander Popadin for opening the street and all the “Sights from a Walking Perspective”. Atmospheric walks, emotional stories, legends about a mysterious street formed the basis for creating a mental map and images of the avenue. Thanks to Tatyana Udovenko and Victoria Korneva from the "People's Guide" for a quick dive into the history of the place.

- Under the leadership of Petr Ivanov and Maria Yermolova, 400 hours of observation shifts by volunteers and a two-stage sociological study were carried out. Subsequently, this study will be in the public domain and may become a model for pre-project analysis. Thanks to the Kaliningrad volunteers who took part in the study.

- 6 km of photo analysis, formation of a mental map and creation of typologies of unique public spaces together with the UTRO Creative Association team!

Thanks also to Ivan Markov and Anastasia Perminova for identifying the problems and forming the cycling route.

- Gratitude to Svetlana Sokolova for a tour of the unique Zoo.

- Public organization Kaliningrad regional public organization of the disabled "Ark" Tatyana Anashenko acts as a consultant for the preparation of barrier-free movement along the street!

- Thanks to Nikolai Zalessky for bold decisions on transport.

In the meantime, articles are being prepared in the Kaliningrad media and the protocol of the City Council on our presentation, we continue to work on an interesting project!


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